Conditions of usage of e-archive, researcher's declaration:


  1. The Diocesan Archive of Pécs provides access to the records of the archive via E-Archive. For further information about the researchable records, please go to our website:
  2. The country and country code of the Öt Templom Római Katolikus Gondnokság (7621 Pécs, Dóm tér 2.) is Hungary (HU)
  3. The company responsible for maintaining the services of the archive
    Name: Öt Templom Római Katolikus Gondnokság
    Seat: HU-7621 Pécs, Dóm tér 2.
    Tax number: 18743319-1-02
    Bank account number 10701214-69673252-51100005
  4. I acknowledge that the user name and password issued for the purpose of e-archive, and the internet access to the Archives' e-archive online service is valid for the name appearing on the Registration Data Sheet and for a specified time period.
  5. Each researcher received a „single-user” option that is not shareable.
  6. The right/possibility of research is non-transferable, publicizing or passing over the registered user's data (user ID) is strictly forbidden.
  7. The researcher is liable for handling his/her user name and password with maximum security and for ensuring that those are not available for others.
  8. The Archives is entitled to monitor the diagnostics of the internet service system (researcher log-ins, data traffic, IP-addresses, etc.), and if unauthorized usage is suspected, the rights of access can be suspended or in case of abuse withdrawn, about which the user will be informed via email.
  9. The digital pictures appearing as part of the e-archiv online service are the property of the Archives and can be used only through the webpage.
  10. Without the owner's permission it is prohibited to copy, store on any media, print, pass it on or propagate in any form the digitized, watermarked pictures.
  11. Every copyright or related property right is the property of the Diocesan Archive of Pécs. According to Article 17 of Law LXXVI/1999 on copyright, copyrights i.e. the exercise of copyrights can only be transferred with special written permission of the owner of copyrights.
  12. In my publication I will refer to the sources used based on the Archives' catalogue, with proper citation.
  13. In case I reveal data violating the privacy rights of others, I assume the criminal or civil (financial) responsibility.
  14. I declare and affirm under penalty of perjury that my data given on the registration data sheet are true and correct.
  15. I acknowledge that the registration will be valid only by paying the service fee and accepting the terms and conditions of use of the E-Archive.
  16. Confirmed e-registration is valid even without signature.
  17. The Archives ensures that personal data collected during the registration process, required to identify the researchers/users, is managed purposeful only within the Archive's own registry.
  18. The Archives will not pass on the data collected during the registration process, and its registry is securely stored and handled in a closed system.